Dear MIRO Group 6 and 7

Dear MIRO Group 6 and 7,

The MIRO Management Team is excited to share with you NASA’s latest Artemis mission resources. The Agency has created a Dropbox folder containing these resources for use by our university partners, formal and informal educators, museums, science centers and planetariums Artemis Program- Outreach Resources.

New Artemis Hands-on Activity Guides
NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement has released three new activity guides.  These hands-on science activities are standards-aligned and will help students of all ages learn about NASA’s Artemis Program.  Click on the links below to download the guides.  They have also added the guides to the Dropbox folder mentioned above.
Please consider sharing the activity guides on your social media accounts and with other educators. The @NASASTEM twitter account posted a tweet on the Propulsion Guide and the guides will all be featured on the NASA Education Express Blog site.
New Human Space Flight Overview Presentation
We highly recommend that you download a brand new PowerPoint presentation that highlights different aspects of NASA’s Human Space Flight Program.  The Human Space Flight Overview presentation includes the newest high resolution imagery/graphics, unbelievable videos and talking points in the note section.  This is an incredible resource that can be used to educate you and your faculty/staff, and to inform guests visiting your institution.  You will also find PowerPoint templates and additional outreach presentations in the Artemis Presentation folder.
New Print Products
Check out the Artemis Print Products folder and you will find an updated Artemis Factsheet and factsheets that highlight Artemis I, SLS, Orion and Exploration Ground Systems. There are also new 24×36 posters that explain the design of the Artemis Program and Artemis I patches.
New Progress B Roll Video
There are many great video resources in the Artemis Video folder.  The newest addition is a 6 minute, muted Artemis Hardware B Roll video that highlights NASA’s progress towards Artemis I and future missions.  This is a great video to show on an exhibit monitor.
Outreach Activities and Coloring Sheets
Many people have asked for make-and-take activities, activity books and coloring sheets.  You will find those items, a Moon to Mars Bingo game, and many more lessons in the Artemis Themed Lessons & Activities folder.
If you have any questions or need help locating a specific resource, please don’t hesitate to reach out.